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Online Privacy Policy

J.M. Caldwell recognizes the importance of visitors’ privacy. This online privacy statement
explains how J.M. Caldwell collects, uses and protects visitors’ information. This web site is not
directed at children 13 years of age or younger.

Since the purpose of this web site is to provide visitors with information about J.M. Caldwell and
its services, we do not request or collect any sensitive personal information for any
purpose, or use cookies (which are pieces of data stored on the user’s computer tied to
information about the user). The personal information J.M. Caldwell collects is limited to e-mail
addresses from communications visitors choose to send to J.M. Caldwell.

J.M. Caldwell does not disclose or share any visitor’s information with any third parties. Only in
the event that J.M. Caldwell is served with a court order or other governmental agency process
would J.M. Caldwell disclose the limited personal information it has, and only after notifying the
visitor, if possible, of the legal requirement.

Changes to Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

J.M. Caldwell reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions, or any part of them at any
time, as J.M. Caldwell determines based on its needs and technology changes. Visitors should
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